domingo, marzo 02, 2003

Well, it's sorta late for a school night, but if I don't write right now I don't think I'll ever do it. First off this weekend was bangin' (haha), Friday was the most perfect day, (well except the dissapointment that was Tizzy) after school me, Steven, and Cindy all hung out! Whaa, it was so fun, first we went to the mall to buy tickets for Simple Plan(whoo-who!!). Steven bought a crappy metal CD and Cindy bought a necklace(the same as Esther's b/f's but red), and a System of a Down tee. After the mall we saw Cradle 2 the Grave, Jet Li & DMX, God, Jet Li is the man! What a cool accent!! I think he looks short, anyway the movie was good, but not his best. Fist of Ledgend, now that's a good movie and Kiss of the Dragon way cool ending! So we got there an hour early and to kiss time we all kissed each other, it was moi fun. Durring the movie though I thought we were gonna get our asses kicked b/c Cindy kept talking about the movie. At this one part of the movie the main girl strips for a guy and gives him a lap dance, and Cindy was like "I'm too young for this" and "thell me when it's over" so I would tap her when you could see a lot and she would freak! Hahaha.
Ok, yesterday me and Steven had work till 10pm and Tizzy hung out at Giant w/ Cindy till then which was when Stef (steph) got off work too. We were bored and I wanted to meet Stef so we hung out at Tizzy's for a while (till 1:00am). A little after we got there Eric came over and then Dan, Sean, and Todd showed up. We all had fun by watching Hook and talking about wheather we'ed like to be pirets or lost boys.

PS -Yippy I got my folder back!
PPS - Go Tizzy, it's your birthday, not a holiday!!! *kiss kiss* haha.
PPPS - Stef is tres cool!