viernes, febrero 28, 2003

I lost my home work folder at Steven's and that sucks b/c it has all my poems in it!!!
Yea! I'm writing in my blog again.
AHHH! I'm so happy right now!!! I'm currently obbsessed w/ the band Simple Plan and there going to be at the Troc 3/25 ! Tickets are onlt $12!! yippy!

jueves, febrero 27, 2003

Grr, I mad, but not as mad as Geri was b/c I just got off the phone w/ Double Loser. Him, Tizzy, Cindy, and Eric were going to tkes me and Geri to IHOP to see Stef but they all suck! Anyway, he said that Eric and Cindy got all drunk and were pains in the ass and he didn't want to be in the car w/ them long and that's why they didn't come get me and Geri. Steven also said that he didn't even want to go to IHOP at all b/c of the idiots. Well I have two things to say to that: 1)Tizzy get a backbone! Stand up for yourself and take the booze away, I mean Christ, it's your house!! 2)Since you went to IHOP I'm sure that you could have gotten us (you know how much I love drunk people)
*sigh* I'm still upset, writing about this is making my nose run. Ok, I get that It was a mistake and all but to me and Geri at the time it was like you guys had purposely ditched us. I mean we're sitting at my house waiting for you guys o show up and we get a call from Tizzy. Instead of telling us that your coming he says that your all at IHOP and that you didn't get us b/c half of you are drunk. Then in the backround the rest of you are all having a grand old time laughing and what not. Then he puts Steven on the phone and he's all laughy-not-a -care-in-the-world. Ahrg!!!! I just can't get rid of this hurt/anger feeling inside of me (sorry I lied about being all better). Would anyone be better right away though? Put yourself in my place (not that any of you incensitive people would care w/ the exception of Steven) Your waiting to go see a mystery girl and hang w/ your boyfriend when you get a call. You head goes 'yea' b/c you'll be picked up soon and the it all crashes into a big giant firery ball of anger, frustration, confusion, and hurt. No, they're not coming, they are already at IHOP, 'what' you say 'at IHOP?' oh, they're there and having a good damn time w/out you.
well that was really one sided and I know that, I just had to get my feelings out so's I didn't explode. I also wanted to let ya'll know that it's not just the fact that you didn't get us, it's that on the phone you guys sounded like you ment to leave us out and that you thought it was funny. Now I know that's not how it went down, but
Ok I'm done w/ that and I think I'm ok except that My Aunt Donna called my house and she is so agrivating that my mom went from talking to her to yelling at her, that's the way it is whenever she calls. I wish she wouldn't.

martes, febrero 25, 2003

ahh! I love FF!!! I think FFX-2 is caming out Aug 23 !!!!!