jueves, enero 16, 2003

*cries* I accidently deleted my welcome sign and now I can't reemember wher I got it from. *snif...snif*
ok so I did a bunch of work on my website. I have put the first of many videos up, all very funny and very embaressing. The one I put up tonight is of Tizzy(no, not b/c I like you best, it was the smallest in kb that I had). I'll get all the others up by this weekend hopfully. So have a laugh and look at Tizzy.

miƩrcoles, enero 15, 2003

Ok I know I just said I got a new layot for my web site but it didn't fit any monitors right so a got a new and improved one. Tell me if you like the red and yellow! By the way I'm an ox in the chinese zodiac.

martes, enero 14, 2003

Hillary don't forget to go here: Layouts& More

Blah, I didn't miss anything in A&P so that's good but we aren't doing anything w/ the rats for a long time, boo.
Hey guys I redid my web page, it's much better now I promise!!!! Go to it now!!!

lunes, enero 13, 2003

Well it took all day, but I'm finally feeling better. Look I Just thought I should show everyone the two dogs I want once I get an apartment.
Ugh, I woke up at 3:00am this morning and threw up. So I didn't go to school today and I still feel bad. I hate when I feel sick b/c you are supposed to eat but I don't feel up to it. I had an instant breackfast though so that's like a meal and now I'm drinking Sunny Delite. I think later I'll have a hot pocket. I had work today but I'm obviously not going. I had such a lazy day, I went on-line for an hour earlyer and then I went to my room and slept. It felt go to be lazy, sort of. I'm upset that I missed school, b/c that means I missed a step of disection:( and Crystal got to see Cindy's peircing. I want to see!!