sábado, enero 11, 2003

Ok so I was playing around and I've decide to scrap the idea of making a new layout. I love mine and I don't want to change it for a million years! Look, I can put pictures up now!! And to celebrate I'll start with a funny one:

Wayde: back from the potty

Wayde is Crystal's brother. This was taken on the way to the Y100Fez, there was a lot of traffic and a handy potty.
Oh steven, the the site to upload pictures is www.ranchoweb.com.
Ugh, I'm home sick from work tonight, my head hurts so much! Me and Steven drove all the way to work and then it hit me. I even bought break food and everything, and guess what? I left it there so now I'm going to go hungry, at least until 10:00 when Steven will bring me some milk so I can make instant breakfast. In better news I am now an ace bowler(HA). We only played four games last night and the first really stunk for me, I gota 35, but the 2nd or 3rd I got an 81! On the really good game I got three strikes and a spare! I've got this new way to bowl - it's how Crystal used to, and when I do it it puts a neat little spin on the ball.
I will now be adding a new section to this blog. It's called Anatomy Lesson.

Anatomy Lesson #2: On Friday in A&P we continued w/ our dissection of our rat Greta, as we will be doing for the whole month. Last time we looked above the skin so this time we went a little deeper, skin deep. Crystal vollunteered Greta to be the demonstration of 'how to skin your rat' so we only got to skin half of a rat(grr).Greta looks so cool 'naked', her mucles ar the color of uncooked chicken. Oh, if anyone wants to see her maybe something can be arranged.

jueves, enero 09, 2003

So my day was ok as usual. I hung out w/ Crystal today and we went to the mall! She wanted to buy a new pair of shoes. That was all fine and everything, but by the time we started to go throught the mall a 2nd time I was going nutts, really. I would have sporatic mood changes and sometimes I would feel two different ways at the same time, it was horrible. Sometomes school is horrible, and sometimes it's really great. Yesterday in anatomy we got rats for disection. I'm parteners w/ Crystal(duh) and we picked a female and named her Greta. Some other names people gave to their rats are Zipplock and Chubbs. We didn't cut into it yet, I hope we start tomarrow.

martes, enero 07, 2003

Steven, I love you. Crystal, Rory loves you. Tizzy, someone loves you. Cindy, you'll find love, sex, or both.

By the way I hate dances and the prom is the worst one, and all the dresses are UGLY! I would advise all prom loves to stay away from my blog in May.

Post prom rocks!!

lunes, enero 06, 2003

4th period study hall, and I'm busy scaning lots of pictures to put on my soon-to-be great site. I don't even have a name for my site, and any suggestions would be grand.
Oh, I forgot to mention, I worked on my picture site a little itty bit so go look at it, it's at the bottom of my links.