sábado, diciembre 21, 2002

Yeah! We leav in a few hours! i'm so happy. Right now I'm listening to Madonna, 'Lucky Star' (no it's not bad!!). yeah so know you all want to take the quiz below, mostly steven and michael! Grr! Why is it that when ever I want to write I'm busy? While writing the past few entries I've either had tp take a shower, catch a show, or the bell rang! Well it's brewak so when I get back I will fill my blogg will the emptyness of my days. *frown* Yesterday blowed. I was all happy to see LOTR: two towers but no, steven and michael are like no. Stevens excuse was that it might be playing at the mountains. Poo, i don't care you can't fill me up just to let me down. Ok so more poo, Steven got mad at me and almost killed the whole Friendly expirence. (we went to friendly's) But then I saved the day by noddig my head(j/k steven i listened) k now i really have to shower! bye!

viernes, diciembre 20, 2002

miércoles, diciembre 18, 2002

hey well i see that I'm the only one that hasn't writen about the trip to split rock. Yes it will be lots of fun. Do you know what? My mom was telling Michael's stepmom about her going skiing and Micheal's stepmom was telling him how he should bring his skis! hahaha all of us skiing? that would be fun but who has the money?

martes, diciembre 17, 2002

Number One Girl

They say that you care for me,

Some day that I'll be yours

But how can that be true?

I am in my world and you in yours

and I see you all the time

With the things they buy for you,

Though by the things you sometimes do

I think that maybe my dreams will come true.

Then there are those days when nothing goes my way,

I see you with those girls and say

Some peolpe will sit down and pray

And sometimes they are heard

So late at night When I'm all alone

I'll pray that someday I'll be yours,

Your number one girl.

By Hillary, 2000

Don't hate.

lunes, diciembre 16, 2002

Hahaha, anyone reading this read Steven's blog??? He thinks I would move west! and to Michigan! i live ther once, but that's not relevent. I will never move west never!! I will move north though.....
hahha i was looking at updated blogs and i saw steve's!

domingo, diciembre 15, 2002

I was going to write Part 2 but I'm going to shower myself now:)

Yo Moby Dick, yo ass aint be better than moi derriere!
Ok, so I know I haen't writen in a long time and the only thing I have put here are quiz results..........so I finally got my lazy fingers typing. Ok so pretty much every thing I was going to write about has been writen about so go look at everybody's blogs. I can however bore you with my tale of 'A Day in New York, NY'.

The day started of same as any Saturday, I woke up a few times in the morrning finally getting up at eight. I didn't get out of bed just yet though, I wanted to enjoy the moment. I had my loving kitty next to me purring away and a big comfy blanket over me. When I did get up I striaghtened my hair. That wasn't fun, I went really slow and it took an hour! 9:30 was a happy time in my day today (this is where it stopped being typical) my Steven(-ie) came over so that he could see me before my trip and to take me to Michael's to get my bag. On the way over to Michael's we had some pleasant conversation.

-Part 2-

bye I have to go for cowboy bebop!!
love all, mostly stevie!