sábado, diciembre 14, 2002

Yes I know that there are a lot of quizes below, but take the time to look at them. You will be rewarded with undies!!
How can I label you?

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viernes, diciembre 13, 2002

Yes so i was very bored this period.

miércoles, diciembre 11, 2002

Steven i love you and your not single! (this is not forced!!)

martes, diciembre 10, 2002

Sweet lordy there is a God!! Heeheheeh, my links are working. Ok now that everything is working I don't have any time left to write.

P.S. Geri I know what you were doing! (pale and red eyed)

ah ha! a new look that is ever chanding how cool? hey gerie, i'm trying to get your link up butit's harder than i thought. ok try # 2 *cross fingers!*
ok, this is nuts!! why won't it work???

lunes, diciembre 09, 2002

yes. mmm, looking at other peoples filled blogs makes me depressed, i have nothing to say. i don't think i'll ever have a long entrey, those below don't count there just my stupid essay. maybe i should put my grad project up. that would be long. i have some japense song in my head. it's at the end of an anime called Inuyasha (good show!). Wow well that just reminded me of good news, there's going to be a Cowboy Bebop movie!! ok bye . hi cindy!